Hey there, fellow entrepreneur! I assume that we all had these moments in our day where we found ourselves staring at a monitor, not really doing anything. Or scrolling through the internet or social  media. Or chatting with friends. Everything, but the task you wanted to do.

Here he is again! Our age-old enemy called procrastination!

Let’s dive deep into this habit that’s been holding us back and see what we can do about overcoming procrastination.


1. What Is Procrastination Anyway?

We’ve all been there. That report that needs to be done? It can wait. That inventory check? Maybe tomorrow. Procrastination isn’t just laziness; it’s our brain choosing instant gratification over long-term benefits. And trust me, in the whirlwind of small business management, it’s a luxury we can’t afford.


2. Why We, the Business Owners, Fall into the Trap

First things first: It’s not just you. We all fall into this pattern of procrastinating at times. Sometimes, it’s the fear of not getting it right. Other times, it’s just the sheer weight of the task ahead. And let’s be real, decision-making? It’s tough. We often delay it, hoping for a clearer answer tomorrow.


3. Let’s Tackle This Beast: Strategies to Get Moving

  • Baby Steps: Big tasks can be intimidating. Break ’em down. Small steps lead to big leaps.
  • Quick Wins: Got a two-minute task? Nail it now. It’s surprising how much momentum a small win can generate.
  • Buddy Up: I’ve got a friend, and we keep each other in check. Find your accountability buddy. It’s more fun, and hey, two heads are better than one!
  • Daydream a Little: Picture the end game. How awesome will it feel once you’ve ticked off that task?
  • One Thing at a Time: I’ve tried multitasking. It’s overrated. Dive deep into one task, and you’ll be amazed at how much you get done.


4. When the Usual Tricks Just Don’t Cut It

Been there, done that, and still stuck? Maybe it’s time to shake things up.

  • Re-think Your Goals: Are they still what you want for your business?
  • Get Some Fresh Eyes: I’ve had a mentor, and it changed my game. Maybe it’s time you found one too.
  • Meditate. Repeat: Sounds cliché, but a clear mind can work wonders.


5. Stories from the Trenches

One of my clients used to complain that her assistant is not getting enough work done. I drilled in to find out what the root cause of the issue was. The surprising reason for the unproductivity was that the client had 1-2 hour conversations a day with her assistant discussing a lot of non-business things – in essence, just chatting. She was procrastinating her own work which then spilled into her assistants work. Solution: set an alarm for how long the call should be and have an agenda what to discuss to make sure important points get done.

Another client was constantly late for their bookkeeping filings to the tax office. Here, the outsourcing to a tax office helped them keep their deadlines. Regular reminders and weekly check-ins to get the inputs delivered before they were due solved the problem of procrastinating the task.


6. The Bigger Picture

Did you know that a 20% of humans admit to being chronic procrastinators? That’s a lot of missed opportunities.

Imagine what your business could achieve if:

  • You reach out to 10 people a day every day instead of saying “tomorrow”
  • You follow-up with prospects every 3-4 weeks instead of saying “they will come back to me”
  • You are ahead of customer challenges before they arise and foresee them because you have the time to think about such topics because your day-to-day tasks are finished in time
  • You could get enough sleep in a day because you did not have to finish something last minute again

The individual task may not look like a big thing. But everything you do creates a ripple effect. What’s the ripple effect of procrastination in your business?


Wrapping It Up

Look, overcoming procrastination is a journey. Some days are better than others. But with a bit of grit, some fun strategies, and maybe a dance break or two, we can get there. Here’s to getting stuff done and making our business dreams come true!



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