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Be More Effective – Re-Think the Business Owner Role

As your business grows, your role as business owner changes. We help you transition to the next level without having to work even more. We enable you to work smarter and more effective.

Get It Done – Once and For All

No more disappointments. Many of our clients have faced providers that let them down, charged high fees and did not deliver. With our assistance, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

Systems and Processes – Done For You

The system landscape is changing rapidly and it’s impossible to keep on track with everything. Let us help you define the right systems and processes for you that can set you apart from your competitors, help you grow faster and reduce costs.

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What you get from working with us

Hands-on support, not only with advice but with the implementation of your ideas
Clear guidance on what to do and next steps
No more headache from nerdy tech talk – we speak your language
No more dependencies from providers – we teach you everything you need to know to make informed choices
Clarity on what is used in your business – we hand over all required information in documentations
You can count on us – we won’t let you down because we know how that feels

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Why Work On Your Business?

There are 33 million small businesses just in the US which account for 99.9 percent of all US businesses. And only 7% of these businesses generate $1 million in revenue. On top, 40% of small businesses are not profitable at all.

It is our mission to help businesses change to the great side of entrepreneurship.

Because most businesses owners have massive potential but succumb to the countless misleading information out in the market.

We work with some of the best business people and coaches in the world to get the most up to date information for our clients on what works right now.

All with the goal to help our clients be profitable, grow sustainably and without having to even work more. We help you focus on the right activities and set you up for success using the right systems and processes for you.

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What People Say

"Mona Tenjo knows how to put information in a nutshell: She asks the right questions to design practicable applicable and most importantly suitable solutions. Furthermore, as a person, Mona is authentic, empathic and sincere. In sum, a clear recommendation!"

– Dr. Yasemin Yazan, Entrepreneur, Speaker & Strategy-Expert

"Hajo helped me tremendously getting on top of my organizations and save time on my daily tasks. With his help, I now am able to focus on the important tasks to succeed!"

– Vivian Wang, CEO & Founder

"Mona shares content in an easy and accessible way. Her courses are straight to the point and are created from the point of view of a customer. Furthermore, I always had the feeling that I receive exactly the information that I needed without feeling overwhelmed. Mona has incredible competence and you can see that she has extensive practicial experience."

– Karin Lambert, Posture Walking Coach & Business Owner

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About Us

Meet The Team

Work On Your Business was founded by Mona Tenjo as a result of her own experiences starting out in business.

When Mona started her own business journey, she was looking for providers helping her in growing her business. Coming from a corporate background, she was shocked to learn about the work attitude of some companies out there.

There were companies that promised the world, charged immense prices and delivered quite frankly nothing. And then there were companies that disappeared in the middle of the project, did not reply anymore but kept charging money.

The learning was frustrating, time and cost intensive. And as Mona had to learn, she was not the only one who experienced these situations.

After connecting with more and more entrepreneurs and small business owners, the need for a reliable business partner that can offer support services to business owners at fair prices.

This is how Work On Your Business was born.

Mona Tenjo


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