Work On Your Business

Meet The Team

Mona Tenjo

Mona gathered more than 15 years of experience in the areas of accounting, purchasing, business management, project management and even pre-sales. Her strong work-ethics allowed her to climb the career ladder and gain insights on various levels within companies of different sizes.

Mona’s strong track record led her to consult some of the largest organizations, such as Siemens, DP DHL, and HeidelbergCement, and lead the implementation of complex global projects.

Her degree in International Business was extended by countless client projects over the years, that equipped Mona with a profound knowledge of how to make the best out of any business, how to add value to any organization or endeavour, and how to create championship teams. She accomplished to train experts of more than 45 different nationalities in over 15 countries around the world, from half of Europe to Indonesia, Russia, Tanzania, USA and others.

Today she serves our Work On Your Business clients with practical best-practice insights, her ability of breaking complex matters down and by spreading our message to the world.

Ann Agot

At Work On Your Business, we accumulate staff with diverse backgrounds. New ideas don’t come from a lake of sameness!

Ann is our universal weapon. She is a genius when it comes to design and all things graphical. On top, she is very detailed-oriented. While other people often only scratch on the surface, Ann digs deep on the problems and their root causes. Her curiousity compounded with her attention to detail allow her to dive into our clients problems and find the missing pieces to fix.

Ann is a Food Technology graduate with experience in laboratory work and technical sales. After working for the Food Safety industry for 4 years, she wanted to learn and be able to gain knowledge and experience working in a different industry.

Her passion to learn and be able to sought new opportunities led her to work for Work On Your Business working closely with Mona. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude make her a great support and an essential team member.