Hey there, fellow small business wrangler! If you’re as deep into the entrepreneurial journey as I am, you know the constant challenge of wrangling fresh and engaging content. We’re in this wild west of digital marketing together, and boy, finding new content ideas can be as tricky as lassoing a bull, don’t you agree? So, what if I told you there’s a way to rope in high-quality content without the stress? Get ready to discover the secret: learning to curate content. Buckle up, we’re going for a ride!


What’s this Content Curation You Speak Of?

Alright, partner, let’s talk straight: what’s this ‘content curation’ thing? It’s a fancy term for finding, organizing, and sharing the gold nuggets of content that are already out there in the big, wide digital world. Don’t just take my word for it – the good folks at the Content Marketing Institute tell us that 85% of B2B marketers in North America use content curation as part of their strategy. [1]

Why are these smart folks curating content? Because it’s a real gem – it provides your audience with value, helps your brand shine brighter as an industry leader, and keeps your digital channels bustling without you having to sweat over crafting new content every day.


Get Your Hands Dirty with Content Curation

Ready to strike gold? Here are some proven techniques to curate content effectively:

  • User-generated content (UGC) is your best friend: Think of your audience as your content gold miners. They create amazing content, so why not share it? It creates a bond with your community and keeps your content fresh.
  • Stay in the loop with industry updates: Keep your audience updated with industry news. Sharing blog posts, articles, or tweets from industry leaders shows your followers that you’re in the know. Set up Google Alerts and other news feeds to be informed about trends.
  • Round ’em up: Just like a cattle round-up, gather the best articles, tools, and resources related to your industry and share them with your audience.
  • Interview Industry Leaders: Got a connection with an industry hotshot? Conduct an interview and share their insights with your audience. It provides valuable knowledge and gives your brand credibility.
  • Q&A Sessions: Host a Q&A session on your social platforms. It encourages user engagement, and you can repurpose the questions and answers into a new piece of content.
  • Create and Share Infographics: Information-dense and visually appealing, infographics are a hit with audiences. Curate data from reliable sources and create an infographic that your audience will love to share.


Unearthing Fresh Content Ideas

Need to mix things up? Here are some fresh ways to generate new content:

  • Discover More with Content Discovery Platforms: Platforms like Feedly or Pocket are like the new frontier for finding popular content in your niche.
  • Start a series: Got a theme close to your business? Start a content series. It’s like a weekly TV show your audience can look forward to.
  • Celebrate the small things: National holidays and observances are a treasure trove of content ideas. From National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day to Mental Health Awareness Week, there’s always a reason to celebrate and share.


Making the Most of Your Curated Content

To make your curated content shine brighter, consider these tips:

  • Give credit where it’s due: Always attribute the original source of the content. It’s just good manners!
  • Add your voice: Don’t just share – discuss. Add your thoughts and insights to make the content unique to your brand.
  • Don’t forget your SEO: Make sure your curated content is optimized for SEO. Add in those keywords, internal links, and meta tags to enhance visibility.



To curate content is like striking gold for us American small business owners. It helps us create valuable content without the headache of constant brainstorming, plus it lets us assert our brand as a trailblazer in our industry. The golden rule of content curation? Always add your unique perspective and give credit to the original source. So, go out there and start curating!



[1] Content Marketing Institute, https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/


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