Team Building And Management

Team Building and Management is absolutely essential for working on your business.

If you want to work on your business instead of drowning in it, you need to master team building and management. Even if you maximize your own time the best you can, you can only grow your business beyond yourself when you have a team.

What Most Business Owners Struggle With

  • Many entrepreneurs start out as a solopreneur and never hired a team. Thus, they are insecure and want to avoid mistakes.
  • Also, a lot of business owerns did hire freelancers or other service providers for smaller orders. But often they got disappointed and felt like they wasted money.
  • The pressure of having an own team for which you are responsible can be feeling overwhelming for some people. It is one thing to be responsible for yourself, but it is another thing to be in charge for a team.
  • Other entrepreneurs also had teams already but let them go after some time. Often the issue here was that they were not able to manage the different personality types or communicate efficiently.
Team Creation and Management

Services We Offer

  • Training on how to hire a team and bring it into high-performance mode
  • Templates and step-by-step instructions e.g. for defining your demand, creation job profiles and qualification requirements, how to get new hires up to speed etc.
  • Manage your team effectively considering different personality types
  • How to delegate tasks efficiently and grow your team’s abilities at the same time
  • Meeting culture and internal collaboration best practices
  • How to execute tough conversations, crisis management, improve bad performance
  • Setting company targets and breaking them down to employees
  • How to track performance and evaluate which employees generate business growth and which ones hold you back

What You Will Get When You Focus On Team Building And Management

  • When you want to really work ON your business, you need to hire a team at a certain point in time. You cannot do everything yourself.
  • A step-by-step plan and a clear understanding who you need to grow your business will support your business growth.
  • We will support you when you face any issues with employees. Additionally, we coach you through difficult situations. And we will roleplay different options to prepare you best possible for tough conversations.
  • If you face issues between coaching sessions, you have emergency access to us. Because some topics cannot wait.
  • We train you and your team how to work productively together, establish a corporate culture and grow your business.

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