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Start to work ON your business instead of IN it!

We implement systems for you, improve your productivity and support you to grow your business. This page outlines some of the most common services provided but is not a complete list of how we enable you to grow your business.


The Key To Success

Systems are the backbone of your operations!

They enable you to work on your business instead of being trapped working for your business.

Systems that support your daily work reach from email and file sharing programs, collaboration tools, customer management systems, invoicing solutions to marketing funnels. The variety is enormeous!
Our team has more than 15 years experience in implementing systems and training organizations on the best use. Find out which services we can support you with.

Our System Implementation Services

All our implementations consider your entire business strategy and future growth opportunities. We will make sure to ask the right questions to build a system that’ll support you.

Sales and Marketing Funnel

Marketing & Sales Sequences

If you want to sell online you need a marketing and sales sequence to generate prospects and convert them into buying customers. Whether you want to generate new leads, upsell to existing customers or directly sell new products – you need to take certain steps and we set them up for you.

eCommerce Shop

Online Shop Setup

No matter if you have a handful or hundreds of products, they need a home where people can find and purchase them – a shop. We set up your shop, integrate payment collection services and any required integrations to have a smooth process that works for you.  So that you can focus on what you are best at: serving your customers.

Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing Setup

The money is in the follow-up! Since most sales happen after a couple of touchpoints, you need a way to stay in contact with your prospects. An email-list to communicate updates and products and services information sounds old-school but has proven to produce results! We help you create your welcome sequences and follow-up campaigns

Website Creation

Website Creation

What do people do when they want to find out more about your business? They check your website! A well-designed website can be more than just an electronic business card. It can benefit and strengthen you positioning and increase sales. We help you by creating websites that represent your brand the best way possible.

Analytics and Tracking

Tracking and Analytics

Business is a numbers game and you need to know your numbers to grow your business. Only what is measured, gets managed. Whether it is your sales numbers, your clickthrough rates or your overhead costs – your business is all about numbers.

Productivity Tools

Productivity Tools

There are tons of systems in the market, that can help you increase your personal and your team’s productivity. This can be communication tools, collaboration tools or even automation tools.

Mona Tenjo Elopage Certified Assistant Services

Elopage Certified Assistant Services

If you already use Elopage as your software solution, we can assist you in optimizing your shop usage, setting up your products and integrating it to other systems (like email automation and tracking).



To reach new heights

Your business can only grow to the extent that you do!

If you want to work on your business you need to develop your skills continously.

The more your business grows, the more  productivity is required. Also, the more successful you are, the more you will need to outsource and delegate, because your day also only has 24 hours. Find out how our team can support you in growing your business through the different lifecycle stages with our skill development services.

Our Skill Development Services

Besides implementing software we also support your business growth through skill development. Because your business can only grow to the extent that you do.

Team Creation and Management

Team Building and Management

The fastest way to scale a business is to build a team and delegate tasks. But this is a skill that is not taught in universities or trained on the job. We train you on anything you need to know about team building and management.

Content and Product Development

Content and Product Development

From having implemented systems for the past 17 years, we know that technology is only one half of the equation. The content is the other one. Being able to structure your thoughts in the right way for your customers, designing products that your customers will love and positioning them in the best way to optimize your sales can boost your business growth without adding any extra effort.

Productivity Improvement

Productivity Improvement

Many business owners suffer from having to take care of too many things every day. We support you in improving your time management skills and moving your business forward with the right actions.

Process Audit

Business Process Audit

Business owners often have a feeling that something could be done better but they have a hard time figuring out where to start. We perform business audits to assess and evaluate your operations and identify weaknesses and opportunities.

Self-study material

Self-Study Material

You want to get to learn from us at your own pace? Select the topics that you want? We regularly publish self-study material like Online Courses, eBooks & Memberships.

Our Signature Approach


Assess & Understand

We start with assessing and understanding your unique situation and what challenges you are facing, in order to provide relevant and sustainbale solutions.

Develop & Implement

We develop strategic solutions customized to your unique situation and take the necessary steps to implement them with you and lift your business to the next level.

Optimize & Train

To make sure everything works as desired, we train you and your team to be effective and efficient, and optimize workflows to achieve maximum results.


What Others Say

Mona’s courses are well structured and are straight to the point. Her lively way and her positive energy make it fun to go through the material. The worksheets are very helpful to implement the lessons learnt fast into my own business.

Snezana Galijas

Energy Healer, Mental Coach, Producer, Publisher, Qigong Coach, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Coach

Mona shares content in an easy and accessible way. The course is straight to the point and has been created from the point of view of a customer. I always had the feeling that I receive exactly the information that I needed without feeling overwhelmed. Mona has incredible competence and you can see that she has extensive practicial experience.

Karin Lambert

Posture Walking Coach & Business Owner

If you are looking for someone who can streamline your business so that you get things done faster, Mona is your go-to person.

Janine Van Throo

CEO Sisay Cosmetic

Mona Tenjo knows how to put information in a nutshell: She asks the right questions to design practicable applicable and most importantly suitable solutions. As a person, Mona is authentic, empathic and sincere. In sum, a clear recommendation!

Yasemin Yazan

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Strategy-Expert for Change Management & Digital Transformation, Editor & Multiple Bestselling Author

Mona was there when we needed her the most. She was able to explain complex topics to the point, which even our management team was not able to do. I can recommend Mona from the deepest of my heart! Talk to her about systemizing and processes, and how to get shit done!

Jan-Marc Pickhan

Senior Managing Partner, Legacy Builders Global

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