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Expand Your Business And Make It Future-Proof With This Step-By-Step Online Course Covering Every Topic From Strategy Defintion Till Marketing & Sales!


In “How To Create Your Own Online Course”, you will develop your own online course, step-by-step. From defining how you want to use the course in your business strategy to defining target group and content. Then we’ll go into getting your thoughts into structure and creating the course materials. After the material is ready, you will upload the course material to your preferred platform and finally market the product, generate traffic and generate sales. This course takes you step-by-step to getting your online course out to the world!

Who Is Behind
Work On Your Business“?

Work On Your Business was founded by Mona Tenjo and Hajo Sonntag to help business owners, self-employed freelancers and entrepreneurs to work ON their business instead of IN it.

Their goal is to help entrepreneurs build sustainable and profitable businesses!

Mona gathered more than 15 years of experience in the areas of accounting, purchasing, business management, project management and even pre-sales. Her strong work-ethics allowed her to climb the career ladder and gain insights on various levels within companies of different sizes.

Mona’s strong track record led her to consult some of the largest organizations, such as Siemens, DP DHL, and HeidelbergCement, and lead the implementation of complex global projects.

Her degree in International Business was extended by countless client projects over the years, that equipped Mona with a profound knowledge of how to make the best out of any business, how to add value to any organization or endeavour, and how to create championship teams. She accomplished to train experts of more than 45 different nationalities in over 15 countries around the world, from half of Europe to Indonesia, Russia, Tanzania, USA and others.

Hajo honed his skills in the technical world of engineering, research and development, and project management at automotive giants like Volkswagen, BMW, Faraday Future and even Fraunhofer Institute.

His technical hands-on education and Master of Engineering degree trained his natural talent of troubleshooting the origins of problems and developing solutions to solve them once and for all.

Being responsible to manage large projects such as developing and launching an entire car and coordinating thousands of people across the globe to work together to achieve a common goal, sharpened his focus on the overall picture for project and company, as well as providing an immense knowledge-base of technical and business strategies and know-how to being able to solve any problem. Additionally, his martial arts career formed and strengthened his character, taught him discipline, leadership, and the value of strategic foresight.

Today, he finds himself as technical and business consultant, partner in media and jewelry businesses, and even mentor.

Course Content

In Module 1, “Your Product Portfolio”, you will define your overall product strategy and how the new online product will fit into your strategy, what your value ladder and your sales funnel looks like. We set the fundamentals for a successful course launch.

Once you know how to use your digital product, we will identify your topic. If you struggle finding a good topic for your product, this module will help you solve this challenge and identify your topic to get you going.

Module 3 is all about your clients. If you don’t know who you are selling to, you will have a hard time getting your product to the people. Your product title needs to speak to your customers and meet their demands. In this module, we will approach these topics.

Structure helps your clients to consume and implement your content the best way possible. But many people find it difficult to structure their thoughts. In Module 4, we create your course outline and make sure that your course is built up logically.

Module 5 is all about creating your course material. Whether video, audio or written materials, in this module we cover tips and tricks about creating content for your clients to consume and how to get it done the first time.

Technology is for many people a pure nightmare. In Module 6, you will find out which different options you have for sharing your material. Evaluating pros and cons of each options and resource lists will facilitate making the best choice.

Getting your product to the market is the final step. In Module 7, you will find out what makes a great landing page, how to set it up and what types of traffic exist. Finally, you will decide about your marketing mix and optimize your conversion rates.

Finally, it is all about getting it started. In this final module, we will give you some best practices and lessons learned to move forward, keep you on track and motivate you in case of difficulties. Because all that matters, is results.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I get access to the course?

You will get immediate access to the course. An email will be sent to you upon purchase. Please also check your spam folder if you don’t see the email. In case of any issues, please contact us at: 

When does the course start?

You can start at any time. You get immediate access to the material.


Can I take the course at my own pace?

Yes, absolutely. This is a self-study course and you can decide on your own pace.

What do I get with this course?

You will get videos that explain you the concepts and everything you need to know, as short and sweet to the point as possible. Additionally, this course comes with exercises that you can implement immediately to your own course – because we want you to get it done and not just watch hours of content that you will never use!

Is this course for me if I don't have a product idea yet?

Yes, of course. The entire course is designed to get you through the process of the product creation, from generating the idea to creating and marketing it.

I am very advanced already. Is this course still for me?

If you feel like you are losing a lot of time when doing such online courses or if you have never done an online course (even if you are in business for quite some time), then this course will definitely benefit you.

I don't have a business, so will this work for me?

Yes. This course could be your first step into your own business. If you develop a course based on your existing knowledge and sell it at the end, you could earn additional income and start your business owner life.

I have a job - is this still for me?

If you need to create online training material or if you want to build a second income stream, then this course will benefit you even if you still have a job. You can learn new skills that you can use for both: your job or your personal goals.

What if I need further support?

If you need any further support, please feel free to contact us at:

What Others Say

Mona shares content in an easy and accessible way. The course is straight to the point and has been created from the point of view of a customer. I always had the feeling that I receive exactly the information that I needed without feeling overwhelmed. Mona has incredible competence and you can see that she has extensive practicial experience.

Karin Lambert

Posture Walking Coach & Business Owner

Mona is an excellent trainer who has a broad knowledge in the Business Process field. With her courses you will find a step by step instruction to reorganize your processes and make your structure way easier so that you do not only save time but also money. She is tough and knows what’s best for you and with her supportive nature you will find the right partner to improve your business to the next level.

Anne Howanietz

Coach & Trainer for Storytelling, Speaker, Marketing Strategist

In every single conversation with Mona, I found new power for change. Mona catered to me and my situation, pushed me to continuously improve myself with great preparation, checked in regularly and kept me accountable. And finally, when I accomplished my goals, Mona celebrated with me and cheered for me. Thank you very much, Mona! I would have not made it without you!

Jens Bittermann

Mona’s courses are well structured and are straight to the point. Her lively way and her positive energy make it fun to go through the material. The worksheets are very helpful to implement the lessons learnt fast into my own business.

Snezana Galijas

Energy Healer, Mental Coach, Producer, Publisher, Qigong Coach, Yoga Instructor, Meditation Coach

Mona was there when we needed her the most. She was able to explain complex topics to the point, which even our management team was not able to do. I can recommend Mona from the deepest of my heart! Talk to her about systemizing and processes, and how to get shit done!

Jan-Marc Pickhan

Senior Managing Partner, Legacy Builders Global

Mona Tenjo knows how to put information in a nutshell: She asks the right questions to design practicable applicable and most importantly suitable solutions. As a person, Mona is authentic, empathic and sincere. In sum, a clear recommendation!

Yasemin Yazan

Entrepreneur, Speaker & Strategy-Expert for Change Management & Digital Transformation, Editor & Multiple Bestselling Author

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Singer, Fashion Designer, Actress

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Dr. Phil McGraw

TV Personality (“Dr. Phil”), Author & Psychologist

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