Online Shop Setup

An Online Shops Displays All Your Products And Services At One Store Making It Easy For Customers To Purchase

With the rise of Amazon, having an own Online Shop became increasingly desirable for sellers, because they work. Customers tend to purchase more when the purchase process is easy, you can buy with one click and find other related products that fit to your latest purchase. They help to increase your sales.

Common Struggles Of Setting Up An Online Shop

  • You can have an own Online Shop via WooCommerce or you can use externally hosted options like Shopify, Elopage or Amazon. Chosing the right option for you depends on your business model and your requirements and can produce a lot of headache.
  • Online Shops often require an integration into your existing system landscape. Whether you want to transfer the client data to your email automation tool or integrate more payment options, many entrepreneurs feel overwhelmed with these technological parts.
  • Selling products and services online requires some knowledge about differing taxation rules and options to minimize your efforts. Most people are not aware of this.
  • You need to have a very good understanding of the process flows to make the shopping experience for customers as easy as possible. But many people struggle with visualizing digital process flows.
Selling Online

Services We Offer

  • Support you in chosing the right online shop type for you and create required accounts using your own corporate design
  • Set up products and services with descriptions, images and other required input
  • Technical set-up including integrations to payment collection services, email automation systems and analytics software
  • Set up tax rates and invoicing requirements
  • Alignment with software providers on any questions you may have
  • Training and live run-through to enable you to make adjustments in real-time yourself
  • Full documentation of the setup, full transparency

What You Will Get When We Set Up Your Online Shop

  • We setup your shop with all required integrations for you. Thus, no headache for you, no hundreds of hours wasted by learning how to do it.
  • You don’t have to spend a single minute in chat rooms or support hotlines. We take care of the entire communication with the provider.
  • Also, we make sure everything works smoothly together. Thus, your clients will have the best experience ever and you can build great relationships with them.
  • We guide you step by step through the entire process – no overwhelm, full transparency.
  • Last but not least, we speak your language. No need to understand all the technology words. We translate what you need and implement it right away.

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