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Success By The Numbers Show

MillionaireFlix Show

In our weekly show “Success By The Numbers”, we share practical insights on how to manage your business by the numbers and steer it to maximum success.


Zeitmanagement lernen und Fokus steigern

Time management and focus are essential skills in today’s business environment. In our daily work with our clients, we face many questions that repeat themselves:

  • How can I be more effective in my business?
  • How can I get done more without having to spend more time in my businesses?
  • How can I free up time to see my family or to work on strategic matters?

Being faced with many of these questions, our CEO decided to put all her knowledge down into a book.

You will get a step-by-step manual that will help you understand:

  1. What time management and productivity even is (because most people get this totally wrong)
  2. Which practical tools you can use right away to increase your productivity
  3. A super simple model that will keep you on track and help you understand where you’re losing ground.

This book will be initially published in German. We’ll keep you updated on additional translations.

Speaker Appearances

Global Woman Summit Panel Discussion

As part of the business panel at the Global Woman Summit in London, Mona discussed common business challenges of entrepreneurs.

Global Woman Show Interview

In this interview for the Global Woman Show, Mona shared a bit of her story to entrepreneurship.

Presenting in front of audience

If you want our CEO to give a presentation on business growth topics or productivity to your team, contact us to discuss details.

Publications in Business Magazines

Printed publications of the Business Booster Today

We wrote several articles for the Business Booster Today Magazine, a magazine specifically for entrepreneurs and business owners. Topics vary from how to start to productivity, pricing and growth strategies. Click the button below to see all articles.

Global Woman Magazine Article

For the Global Woman Magazine, we wrote an article about Business Metrics That Matter. Find out which challenges female entpreneurs face and how you can manage your business with the right KPIs. Click the button below to read the entire article.

Woman Entrepreneur Article

In this article for “Woman Entrepreneur”, our CEO Mona Tenjo wrote about “How to Set Businesses Up For Success”. She outlines the importance of a solid business fundament. You can access the entire article via clicking the button below.

Features as Podcast Guest

Play to Win Podcast

In this Play to Win episode, our CEO shares insights about how to grow your business like bamboo – fast, but profound.

Inpedendent Woman Talk on Productivity

In this Independent Woman Talk episode, our CEO shares how to add a ’25th hour’ in your schedule and be more productive.

Hank Hoffmeier's weekly Podcast

In this episode of Hank’s Marketing and Business Tips, Mona shares tips about profitability as well as tips to get through the Covid-19 crisis.

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