Marketing And Sales Sequences

Funnels a.k.a. Marketing And Sales Sequences Makes Online Sales So Much Easier And More Profitable

Marketing and Sales Sequences guide a potential buyer through a step-by-step process of hearing about you, getting to know you, liking you, building trust to you and finally buying from you. Find out more about what we can do for you.

What Most Business Owners Struggle With

  • There are many different systems in the market like Clickfunnels, WordPress pages, Leadpages, Infusionsoft or many others. Staying up to date with all the changes and which system serves you best can feel overhwelming.
  • Many entrepreneurs don’t know which options and functions are available. Therefore, they don’t know how to best make use of the software they pick.
  • Often we see, that it is difficult for our clients to ask the right questions to prevent future problems.
  • The full process entails more than just setting up a few pages. Most people are not aware of this. To create a successful marketing and sales sequence, you need to have the right strategy, good copy and you need to know how to test and tweak the marketing to optimize your sales results.
Sales and Marketing Funnel

Services We Offer

  • Support you in defining the right type of sequence for you (e.g. winning new prospects, upselling existing clients, launching a new product etc.)
  • Define the sequence in detail step-by-step
  • Selection of the system that best serves your business goals
  • Technical set-up of each page including integrations to payment collection services, email automation systems and analytics software
  • Alignment with software providers on any questions you may have
  • Training and live run-through to enable you to make adjustments in real-time yourself
  • Full documentation of the setup, full transparency

What You Will Get When We Set Up Your Marketing And Sales Sequence

  • We setup all the technology for you. Thus, no headache for you, no hundreds of hours wasted by learning how to use it.
  • You don’t have to spend a single minute in chat rooms or support hotlines. We take care of the entire communication with the provider.
  • Also, we make sure everything works smoothly together. Thus, your clients will have the best experience ever and you can build great relationships with them.
  • We guide you step by step through the entire process – no overwhelm, full transparency.
  • Last but not least, we speak your language. No need to understand all the technology words. We translate what you need and implement it right away.

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