Elopage Certified Assistant Services

Elopage is an all-in-one solution for selling online. As Certified Assistant, I can help you get started as fast as possible.

Most people start setting up an online shop as they go and figure things out on the way, all by themselves, running into tons of unforseen and unplanned problems. This consumes a lot of time – and energy. And can be so much more efficient: Just take advantage of the Elopage Certified Assistant Services!

What Most Business Owners Struggle With

  • Usually, you already have a website and social media presence, maybe even an email marketing automation tool. But how to connect all these different pieces with your new Elopage Shop? It can be difficult to put the pieces together.
  • Sometimes, you know exactly what you want but can’t find the button to do it. This can be really frustrating!
  • Especially when you start out from scratch, it may be difficult to come up with ideas. Many people don’t know what is possible, which options exist and which one is the best to use in your business scenario.
  • Many business owners also just don’t have the time! Even though Elopage is super intuitive, it still is a software tool and that you have to become familiar with. And that takes time. Thus, many business owners look for a shortcut.
Mona Tenjo Elopage Certified Assistant

Services We Offer

  • Business Setup Services to set up your account, make sure you can receive payments and sell legally in compliance
  • Live Assistance to answer any of your questions, demonstrate how things work and where you can adjust settings
  • Executive, “done-for-you” packages providing a ready to use graphical theme, the technical setup of products as well as integrations and automations – customized to your needs
  • Additionally, we integrate your system of course with any existing tracking or marketing systems
  • Also, we consult you on best strategies to sell your products and services – because only when you sell your products, we consider this a success

The Benefits Of Using An Elopage Certified Assistant Service

  • You get exactly the help that you need to get started. There is no need to invest hundreds of hours learning something. Because you can just book the assistance that you need right now.
  • Certified Assistants have priority access to support teams to help you solve any questions as fast as possible.
  • You get full access to our best practices from working with clients from different industries.
  • Also, you will get inspiration on what is possible in case you are stuck or running out of ideas.
  • If you need to understand how the system works, you will get a step-by-step guidance through the entire workflow.
  • We make sure that you can start selling right away and make the most use of your Elopage system. 
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Elopage Certified Assistant Program

  • The Elopage Certified Assistant Program trains hand-selected industry experts to provide support to business owners that want to sell onine using Elopage. We work hands-on with the system and understand your business processes.
  • As of June 2020, there are only 17 experts that are certified by Elopage.
  • These 17 individuals are trained regularly by Elopage and guarantee the high-standard service.

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