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No matter if you currently work on your own as freelancer or self-employed business owner, or if you have a team supporting you, there is ALWAYS a next level!

Our proven process to kick-start change and growth:

STEP 1:     Profound assessment of your current status

STEP 2:     30 minute 1-on-1 video call with our Master Strategist

STEP 3:     Step-by-step action plan to progess and grow

Our action plans are 100% hands-on and can be implemented immediately. We don’t talk about theory, we get it done!

What Others Say

This test is extremely helpful, especially for small and medium-sized companies. As assistant tax consultant, I see many companies having trouble because they lack the basics of a sustainable business. This test should be a wake-up call for all entrepreneurs that barely get by!

Kathrin Pawlik

Assistant Tax Consultant

Working strategically on a business is essential to grow it. This assessment covers all essential aspects of building a great business – one that works for you and not because of you! Doing this exercise will move you forward.

Toni Sonntag

Financial Controller

If you are looking for someone who can streamline your business so that you get things done faster, Mona is your go-to person.

Janine Van Throo

CEO Sisay Cosmetic

It happens all the time: I’m too busy and caught up with tons of things to do and suddenly I’m working in my own business rather than on it. This assessment is great to keep the right perspective and focus on what matters most to make my business a success.

Vivian Wang

Founder of MyFirstLuxury

Mona was there when we needed her the most. She was able to explain complex topics to the point, which even our management team was not able to do. I can recommend Mona from the deepest of my heart! Talk to her about systemizing and processes, and how to get shit done!

Jan-Marc Pickhan

Senior Managing Partner, Legacy Builders Global

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the assessment work?

You will get immediate access to the assessment and you can complete it at your own pace. You will be asked several specific questions and choose the answer that fits your situation best. Reserve about 10-15 minutes to complete the assessment.


Will I receive my results right away?

Yes, you will receive a summary result instantly. The detailed results will be reviewed in the 1-on-1 call as basis to develop your personal step-by-step action plan.


When does the call take place?

After reviewing your assessment, we will send you an email containing a link to schedule your 1-on-1 video call. You will be able to schedule a call that fits your calendar by selecting a time slot that works best for you.


What if I can’t find a suitable timeslot?

You will see instructions for the case that you can’t find a time slots that suits you.


When does the discounted price end?

The discounted price can end at any moment, therefore we strongly recommend to make use of it now! This special offer involves our master strategist who is involved in many projects and has only limited availabilities. Therefore, first come, first serve. If her calendar is booked out, you will have to wait before it opens up again.


I’m employed. Is this of any use for me?

If you consider starting a business – absolutely! Starting the right way will give you a head start and help you predict and avoid problems. If you want to progress your career as an employee, working strategically is a differentiator that will give you an adavantage over your co-workers.


My business is working fine. How will this assessment benefit me?

There is always room to grow and make a good business even better! Maybe you have a feeling that your business could do better but you can’t really pinpoint how or where to start. This assessment will help you figure it out! Depending on your results, we may also be able to work on a specific topic during your 1-on-1 session. We work with numerous clients and apply unique solutions to unique problems which provide us with a pool of solutions.

Who Is Behind
Work On Your Business“?

Work On Your Business was founded by Mona Tenjo and Hajo Sonntag to help business owners, self-employed freelancers and entrepreneurs to work ON their business instead of IN it.

Their goal is to help entrepreneurs build sustainable and profitable businesses!

Mona gathered more than 15 years of experience in the areas of accounting, purchasing, business management, project management and even pre-sales. Her strong work-ethics allowed her to climb the career ladder and gain insights on various levels within companies of different sizes.

Mona’s strong track record led her to consult some of the largest organizations, such as Siemens, DP DHL, and HeidelbergCement, and lead the implementation of complex global projects.

Her degree in International Business was extended by countless client projects over the years, that equipped Mona with a profound knowledge of how to make the best out of any business, how to add value to any organization or endeavour, and how to create championship teams. She accomplished to train experts of more than 45 different nationalities in over 15 countries around the world, from half of Europe to Indonesia, Russia, Tanzania, USA and others.

Hajo honed his skills in the technical world of engineering, research and development, and project management at automotive giants like Volkswagen, BMW, Faraday Future and even Fraunhofer Institute.

His technical hands-on education and Master of Engineering degree trained his natural talent of troubleshooting the origins of problems and developing solutions to solve them once and for all.

Being responsible to manage large projects such as developing and launching an entire car and coordinating thousands of people across the globe to work together to achieve a common goal, sharpened his focus on the overall picture for project and company, as well as providing an immense knowledge-base of technical and business strategies and know-how to being able to solve any problem. Additionally, his martial arts career formed and strengthened his character, taught him discipline, leadership, and the value of strategic foresight.

Today, he finds himself as technical and business consultant, partner in media and jewelry businesses, and even mentor.

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